Kids Jam Boston Childrens Museum (December 30th.)



     Mac of Losst Unnown and Creator of Kids Jam presents: Kids Jam! Friday
December 30th. at the Boston Childrens Museum from 5:30-8:30. Dj Fadayz
playing great tunes for the kids and adults. Come celebrate the love of Dance
with Kids who love to Dance. If your Kids love to Dance this is the event for
them! "Dance Saves Lives" -Mac


Third Wave HK's picture

event report: das efx are not cool

went to their show last night. I was not impressed. They were too cool to show for the popping stage show, the opening MC, and the B-boy competition. I also found out form industry insiders that they live a very unhealth lifestyle: blow and hoes is how it goes you see. Gotta know how to spend that performane fee... Real H*p H*p.... how I long for thee...