artist vs dj



2n i realized That i am not a an artist that enjoys playing music!
Some May think that they are one in the same but they are not!!!!!
For most Djs will play what ever anyone ask.....the artist will try everything in his or her power not to promote top 40 mindless robot talk over a interesting beat. I will never get how someone can listen to the same LERICS over and over again
When there are so many REAL ARTIST waiting to be discovered.
The more people support this madness
The more the true arts will wither alway like sand on a windy day intill there will be one genre wich ofcourse will be top 40 auto tune sales pitch music that make you feel like your Not cool enuff inless you buy! Use! Or own what there promoting ....... and that is not art!!!!!!!!!!!

And i no that people will read this and i may not hired due to speakin what i really feel.....but you no what! When your will to stand behind what you believe in thats a small price to pay.....and the 1st real step for a starvin artist.....RESPECT TO ALL THOSE WHO FIGHT FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN


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...let me guess: someon probably said to you:

"A really good DJ could 'mix' in Top 40 with your stuff and make it work...." -ack! Are you nuts?! Why would I want to come near corporate brainwash music?! When is the last time you heard music with a message ring free? Or even ever for that matter... Please. Just because it is being mixed doesn't mean it is "H*p-H*p". Sounds from musical instruments played back through recordings or straight live is meaningless unless there are dancers to set it to life. Culture is when there is both dance and music as one. Dancing to Top 40 is not culture. It is 1984 Animal Farm THX 1138 Matrix Plato's cave to keep you from thinking about the real issues of life music... Be content give consent ridcule the different and ignore questions you are right even when you are wrong because you live in USA thinking. Wake up! Occupy you own brain for people's sake! Sheep. "You must be the change that you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandi
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Confession: I dance to Top 40 music......... I'm not an awful, ignorant, shallow, careless, simple minded person. However, when I need to (&quote from above) 'keep you from thinking about the real issues of life' I choose to go out and dance carelessly to music that I realize is ridiculous and I dont care, becuase that is exactly what it is!.... And when i listen to it I want to be rediculous and not care. ------ When I dance to convey a message to people, or when i'm looking for music i can feel, when i'm sharing music with friends for it's content and deeper meaning, when i'm driving contemplating my life, of course I look for something that resonates with me, to feel something, to be inspired. Point: The problem is not "top 40 music" in general... it's what we have allowed top 40 to become today. Most artists we look back on today and respect have been in the list of top 40 songs in the nation at that time.... so top 40 has not always been meaningless garbage and even some of it today isn't. Different genres have different meanings to everyone .... top 40 is just what happens to go mainstream. Why does it go mainstream becuase ppl accept it... Why do they accept it? ..... They may want music to listen to but not have the time, interest, resources or knowledge to seek out what truly speaks to them so they choose from what is readily available (as most of us do at the grocery store instead of seeking out a small specialty company in Oregon that grows the organic rare produce we really want and then work out the time, details and $ to have it shipped cross country...... ya...I'll just get the damn apple) ------- What goes mainstream? Whatever the raido listeners and fans like... What determines what listeners and fans like? .... that depends on the person. Some may look for something that is catchy, quirky, witty, deep, something that they can identify with, or maybe something that makes them forget what has been on thier mind all day, something that stirs up good memories, a beat or words that hit a nerve. Supply and Demand. The industry will make what they think will sell.... they determine what they think will sell by what has sold before and by studying thier consumer base to see what seems will appeal to them in the future in order to be the first to capitalize on the next new movement. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" YES. .....promote the new movement, create art for the new movement, believe in it, personify the values contained in this movement and the more artisits providing more alternatives and options to fuel this movement the more veriety there will be thus a wider range of intrests will be peaked, the bigger it becomes and the more impossible it will be to ignore. But no new idea was accepted becuase someone was told the idea they were currently holding was "wack"....and they immidiately agreed..... especially if it's all they've ever known. The new idea was accepted becuase they saw a better idea, and then, true to themselves were ready to let thier old idea go to let in the better one. Change=artists+selfexpression/(eyes,ears,hearts) x (intelligence^understanding) - hate
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dear ashley, it is a pleasure to meet you

(You have written so much! I guess I have really struck a chord in you...) ...and yet Top 40 gets away with 'hating' by default. It 'hates' 'art'! Dancing around mindlessly and rediculously is my goal! But I want to do to meaningful music... because I care... What can I do? Benjamin
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Dear Benjamin, nice to meet you too...

I don't write often so when I do I say whats on my mind. I don't think the whole genre of Top 40 is teaming together to hate art, I think it's trying to impersonate it......and that causes hate from people who really care about music and it's art. I care about a lot, probably more than I should (my long post above as evidence) and I'm not going to lie and say that music is a top priority of mine, but it does have alot of meaning in my life at the same time. My point of posting is that to change the mindset of a population, which is part of the solution if there really is a care to fix the problem, real artists have to embrace not only thier own supporters but also the population who does not see art or (lack there of ) with the same perspective at the current time. By ridiculing and alienating "top 40 followers" you are not fixing the problem but perpetuating it.
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"by default" is a passive thing.

...fadayz. Shall I continue? I feel a massive debate coming on here... Top 40 is about selling things, metaphorically and literally. I have this dream that it could sell a culturally meaningful product, be it physical or conceptual. But it is commandeared by the pursuit of taking over the world at, what seems to be pretty much at, the expense of the planet itself. "We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth." -John F. Kennedy October 28th, 1963. Top 40 is not serving the people -people. We the people. Fox News Channel is propaganda. Period. Now consider: Britney Spears is an artist, granted. She can sing, she can dance, she entertains. Talented without question. But if I am going to listen to her track "Toxic" I can only listen and dance to one version -the Diplo remix. "Main Stream Media" it has got to be taken down. Revolution! Vote Ron Paul! Top 40 doesn't have followers, it has "I-don't-know-what-to listen-to-ers"! (-Ack! I have been brainwashed!) I think we are actually arguing the samething... I don't want oil spills in the gulf going unchecked, or Fukishima radiation, or the NDAA, or economic collapse brought on by bank elites.... do you?! NP: Duck Sauce -Barbara Striesand...!