This place is not for the arts.
Truth be told. If you want support here!!! You have to 1st get ona tv show
This way people can say they no you. Then at like they had your back since day one.

For all of you who support you people ALL RESPECT DUE.
Even if they dont tell means the world to them


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We can rock any club, party, or event without playing one top 40 song all night!! I dare anyone to challenge us to that offer!!
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You speak of sheep..

We all have the nature of this sheep complex some parts are good, some are juts bad. We also have a spirit of self control we chose to let ourselves be lead into nothing or take the wheel and lead ourselves into what we want and believe. Shoot, most want the top 40 played at the club and its just that "played".. The challenge is getting into a place where creativity and unique style are complemented instead of looked at weird. Dance, like any art form, is a personal expression if you copy others you are not being yourself people are afraid of themselves because cruel people make them afraid of rejection. Top 40 is a sad result.. I WISH MORE PEOPLE WOULD CHALLENGE THIS.
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Losst Unnown vs industry media

THis just in they are recycling our dance styles and our culture and trying to take credit, oh I guess you already knew that because no one stepped up to do something against it. Instead they auditioned instead of trying to build on something that we created, but were not organized enough to feed our people. We can get mad or take control of what is ours, by not supporting or letting the industry control you. How, fight against it by not playing or condoning these ridiculous songs that the media created their image, their talk, their look, its all plastic yep i said it, if you let it go on, then you are letting the industry steal what you worked hard for, freedom is not free, and being famous is not about fancy cars, money, fame, or power its our responsibility toward it, and what you do with it, in ancient times kings controlled the flow of money, and riches and divided it up fairly, many became greedy just as today. Some do not understand how foolish they really are, they are so comfortable with their name in their fame, and dont want to lose it that they do the dumbest things for publicity wise because of the media frenzy. In their actions our youth click the channels or go on their websites, youtube, twitter, facebook, and many others i havent mentioned, and acted out what they see or hear, but im sure you get the point that im making. These youth look up to these kids in the industry who are only pawns in a bigger game, a bigger picture to control everything that brings in money for the fake hip hop to pop that we hear and see today. Just as the dance scene today which is about what the medis tells you, makes my job in general harder when i explain to these youth the real names the media makes up another, like it was their move crazy, thats how disrespectful and ignorance has become to this day. Then you have the people who claim they are the creators and when you call them out they dont even battle. in the competitions they change the judging system in order for those that are under them or they are teaching to always get a free ride. Then a real dancer actually wins and the judges give it to the other guy because the person judging either is part of that person or knows them or are part of the same crews. So yeah I have a problem of all that i see in the dance scene especially Boston. Dance was created to express, freely, and there is nothing nice about battling most of these people have no idea of what is going on, real artists with the talent to crush those who are on tv that don't belong out there they just got there because of there look. When the real talent if they were given there rightful place would show the realness of true dance, that no man or woman could believe. But the real talent is imprisoned and stopped from speaking their true voice against that which is being called real dance today. There have been a few that will not back down to no one and are creating their own to unify the world before its too late.. Its an everyday thing, most could never fathom the real responsibility dance have its not about fame, its about awakening the true essence that exists in every living thing and understanding your full potential..
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So what do you intend on doing to change this idiotic mentality and behavior? I say we carry this message in everything we do from shows to music to events!!
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Truth be known there is politics and wall in front of what ever you do.People are so busy watching tv they get caught in the hype and the false images of true street dance and more and are so ignorant they just go with it and don;t even ask questions or do their own research. They forget this dance and where it cam from and that it is not in the same category for its been around of thousands of years in tribes, as a defense, as an expression. most of these people are so stuck in being in charge so much they dont care of speaking the truth for the simple fact that it will hurt their pockets or their rein of commanding this genre. They sell out to become rich and stay on top when those who are on the front lines fighting against top 40 hip hop media, by speaking the true voice of the street, and crushing that which is false. Its crazy what you hear these days and what the youth hear, its not okay. But when you do try to explain where this art came from you got people trying to put it into a category of giant flashing lights, and you tell them that is not street dance and they try to tell you what it is like they were born in the streets themselves, Like for real then you let them know, and they take it personal, and somehow your music gets cut off in the middle of a show, but guess what that just makes you look better because this dance wasn't created to be shown nor does it need a certain music, just a soul clap by many can it be felt and shared by many that is the essence of true dance. But As I step on this stage where street was never taken with respect, the media water it down from its true origins of the ghetto and intercity streets, in dark corners of club undergrounds, and back alleys off the stage where crews and people battled it out through dance instead of knife fights and weapons instead of touching they developed an art, That few have a clue, even today people have no idea or clue, and people are so ignorant they dont want their youth to know its origins its just recycled in moves instead of its true movement.Where there was no giant celebration or credit given and no colorful lights just the street lights this was our dance studio with out four walls or mirrors without teachers and 8 counts. After years of being closed off from dance studios not accepting our art until it became a media trend. For the respect of this art has never been given just more in the effect used and abused of its full essence only to sell the pieces and not the fullness of the art on dance tv media showing tricks because the realness of this art is not to be understood. Of course most people would rather see flips, windmills, 90z, Air Flare, Air Tracks etc, Blowups, but without the foundation all the moves are tricks and thats where Breakdancing came from instead of truly taken the dance to another level and learning the true definition of (Bboying and Bgirlin),Poppin, Lockn, House,etc (Mcin), Spoken word,Poetry,(Djing), Kutting, Flares,Scratching,Blending, Mixxing,etc, (Graffitti), Piecing, Floats, Lettering, etc. These are the four elements hip hop with some ingredients now separated to have tv media use it to sell and control you by force feeding it to your kids,and your everyday to make you ignorant to the truth and take its greatness by tarnishing its purity,,