kids jam dates



Jan 27th Childrens Museum 5:30-8:30 and Jan 28th Brookline Academy of Dance 3pm-6pm DJ Fadayz Dj "Eye-Mac" and Dj Cela!! See ya there!


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thanx Fadayz

Yea dance is pure to them. So i just provide an outlet for them. My goal is just to make it world wide. The Kids Jams are always exciting to watch. Thanx for being a big part of it and thank you buffy for providing a space!
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Double your Impact with Kids Jam (one is not enough)

don't miss this... Yes and this time we will be having kids jam where it began our home Brookline Academy of Dance , thanks Buffy for always believing and supporting for all we do. And thank you Leora for bringing kids jam to Children's Museum. Props to Dj Fadayz for ripping it up on the one's and two's hahaha.. yep i said it... and thanks Mac for always looking out for these kids... With all that is going on with other jams where kids have no voice because of you now they do.. Dance does save Lives because of you Mac.. Remember that... Thats what will bring this worldwide...